Monday, November 21, 2011

Scooter/ Muppets on SNL

As a kid, I liked Scooter a lot. A LOT. I remember really wanting a shiny green jacket like his and the fact that we both wore glasses? A sign that the unassuming show gopher and my kindergarten self were soulmates.

So now you know what kind of nerdy kid I was.
This week's SNL was excellent. I'm not one to go running for every Muppets talk show appearance and tv cameo but I would've watched for Jason Segel alone and the Muppet stuff turned out to be really great. I loved the opening song, Kermit's "REALLY?!?" with Seth Meyers and especially the closing where the Muppeteers appeared onstage with their characters. I saw some complaints about it but personally, I loved seeing the performers who usually fade into the background.

If you haven't watched it, at least go look up Jason Segel's adorable and highly amusing Andre the Giant impression.

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